Magical Starfish!


I don’t think I’m taking these off. I’m just saying. I love these starfish!!!! They are so cute and adorable and with glasses oh mah gawd. What more can you ask more.

My Cuzzy  Deliah(Click the link to view her bloggy) found me dressed up and we had to make her a starfish too. She brought Rocco and GUESS WHAT HE IS ONE NOW TOO!

We are ALL Starfish! Wanna be one too? Follow the links down below =3

Starfish::BoWillow: Cardboard Starfish Prop (TD BABY) – ANIMATED@The Brick Lane Gacha

Glasses::BoWIllow: Seashell Shades – Lavender@The Brick Lane Gacha


The Glasses have a resizer within. The Starfish change texture if you click them and are also modifiable for resizing.
**The The Brick Lane Gacha Event runs from the 20th each month to the 15th of the next month :D**


Dress: . tiptoes – Sea Princess Starfish Dress – [ B ] RARE@ The Brick Lane Gacha

Sandals:Sweet<3 Platform Flips

Sunscreen:(Ag) Sunscreen freebie!

Hair:Doe: Loopsie (TwoTone) – Monotone @ Epiphany

Starfish in hair: [kik]hair-HF2016 gift

Churro:[INDO] Churro Snack/Dessert 1LI FP Freebie


Seaside Fun Gacha Ad.png


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