Nothing like an early morning sugar rush!!!!

I sneakishly went into the cupboards early this morning and got me some gum that mom tried to hide from me. Pft. Just for that I got ice cream too!

Before anyone woke up I went outside, hopped onto my skateboard to ease off the sugar so I don’t get caught 😛 Tomorrow another sugar rush!!!! :DDDD

Crop top:  Foreign@Ninety-Nine [Hearts] Also in: 6, Beach, Dash, Dogtor, Kitten, Plain, and Unicorn!

Skirt: ~LaZo – LilLady – FATPACK

Sneakers: FLite.-Outsiders – Pink

Glasses{BB} Hipster Glasses cracked (Gacha)

Hair:[e] Miya – Essentials

Headphones:Notes by Nero (Black) – **SPARK**

Socks: From [Vk!] Outfit -Iris- Pink Outfit

Skateboard:Skateboard-SPEED MAX-2014-Ladies’ size (Freebie)

Necklace:Little Llama – BFF Necklace – Milk

Ice cream:Ninety– Start Ice Cream Sugar

Bracelet: Random (store not available)


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