Southern Twang


My cuzzy Deliah  (Click the link to check out her blog!)came over today to hang out. She came all the way from New York to Texas! She flew a loooong way. You can tell she don’t fit in with us country  folk. But she did well and even shared an ice cold limeade with me 😀

Check out our outfits by following the links below!

Tank Top: Foreign + Gimmick  Collab @Ninety-Nine  [Powder Yellow] (Other colors available: Navy, Black, Grey, Plain, Powder Blue, and Powder Pink!]

Shorts: From [Vk!] Keke set-03 Outfit

Sandals + Mouth Wheat: From {Lil Big Me} Kaylee Swimsuit Outfit

Earrings: {T.T} Zootastic Lion

Ice cream: sue cream. Yummy Ice Gacha – A5

Glasses: TBF Aviator Sunglasses With Windscreen Wipers

Hat: Freebie! Pick one up HERE.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

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