Jammin’ Out!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Deliah and I decided to put our own show with our new Booger Bears!!!! <3!


<:*BoOgErS*:> @The Arcade  June 2016 Bear Band! 15 COMMON 2 RARES

  • Scout Bears!
  • Metal Bears!
  • Bubble Bears!


25L PER PLAY! Once the month is out, they will be GONE!!!

After 50 pulls of playing you will automatically be rewarded with the Player Reward. The reward has a color change HUD that has 3 colors. For Boogers we have the stage!


Tent!!!-::BoWillow: Vintage Garden Tent (COPY) – ALL COLORS @ Tous Les Enfants runs from the 25th – 15th of next month
VINTAGE GARDEN TENT – 6 commons 1 rare – They all have a white option (even tho the blogger version has ALL colors the ACTUAL tents only have one color and then a white option THEY ALL COME WITH A HUD JUST FOR TENT)

Dress:Nimble. Leslie Party Dress @LIMITED 50 (GET THEM NAOW!)

Sandals: ~LaZo – Lien Shoes – FATPACK

Hair: Love [High by the beach] [Greyscale]

Bracelet:Ninety– Infinitum Black bracelet Mesh Rigth

Necklace:XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)

Glasses: :[P]:- Goth Essentials:// Cateye Glasses Noir Gacha





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