Get Yo Hand OFF!


Oi!! Keep you hands off my cookies!!! I don’t like to share… and you aren’t that special to have somes! I will tell you where you can get your own though. These are all mines!!

Dress:[FADK] Zolly Dress Chevron Pink(More colors in-store!)

Packpack: :BoWillow:  @HELLO BEAUTIFUL (May 5th towards the end of May) NOT A GACHA! 
-Sheepy BahBah Bag-Cotton Candy

Snack Cups: <:*BoOgErS*:> @ Color Me Cute (Opens May 15th) Snack’N’Slurp 

  • Gacha!
  • Transfer Only
  • Fits Children Only!
  • 12 Prizes NO RARES!
  • 50L per play


Bracelet:REIGN.@ Epiphany – Boho Bracelet (Pink) # 19

Long Necklace: REIGN.– Poison Necklace- #19

Glasses: From  {BB} @ Tous Les Enfants (Ends the 15th of May) – Hipster Gacha (Baby and Kid, Unisex)

Shoes: FLite. A-Solo Snow Boots Gray

Hair: Lamb. Wolf – Dark Blonde Pack

BoWillow Sheepy Bah Bah Bags AD with bags

Snack N Slurp Ad SL


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