Squirrel Watching

PicMonkey Collage23.pngMy little bebeh Hobble (Nickname Lol!!) came over today and she didn’t know of my hobby of watching animals. I was like let’s go outside and you can see what I like to go watch for. So she followed me and WE FOUND A FAT SQUIRREL MY FAVORITE KIND TO WATCH!! We left a trail of acorns and watched it eat like a good 20 min like legit stalkers. It was wonderful<3

Outfit: *LR* @ Tous Les Enfants -Hipsta Please Baby and Kid sizes!


  • Long tank top
  • Shorts/tights HUD
  • Street sneakers (Not shown)
  • Gold Necklace
  • Gold charm bracelet (Not shown)
  • Glasses (Up/down)

Also there Hipster nails!! Go on and check out Tous Les Enfants event!!

Boots: [FADK] Formation Boot Pink. More colors in-store.

_LR_ Hipster Nails AD.png


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