Late Night Snacks!


Not many people know. But I recently went to the doctor and weighed in a whopping 51 lbs. Ever since then, I have been on a diet. -.- They’ve been feeding me celery and smoothies and healthy stuff. Well my Cuzzy and Bestie Deliah invited me over for a sleep over! My tummy kept grumbling and rumbling. So I was like, “Hey D… what you got in the fridge?” She said we should go check it out and guess what….. THEY HAD PUDDING!!!! YAAAAAS! We ate like the whole pack. I ate 3 and Deliah only had 1. Pft. I helped her finish hers so she didn’t even a whole one!

Of course the milk wouldn’t make it but the pudding did. It made its way to our tummy! 😀

Check out her bloggy HERE!

Pudding and Spoon are from ToddleTeeZ @ The Gacha Garden (May the 1st – 30th.)- Pudding Cups – Blogger Pack

There are 8 Commons and 2 Rare
Then there is the Seed of Inspiration

Commons are:

  • Butterscotch
  • Vanilla
  • Banana
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Banana & Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry & Chocolate

Top: [FADK] Issa Top Purple Light  (More colors in-store!)

Leggings: ~LaZo – Knit Leggings – FATPACK (W/ Color change HUD)

Hair: [e] Leighann – Essentials

ToddleTeeZ - Pudding Cups Ad 2.png



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