The Candy Can :P



You can count on me not giving up on what I do. Especially finding all the snacks! I thought this strawberry was a big giant one… andddd it wasn’t. Shucks -.- It lied. Bleh. .Well I still can! I can keep on looking!! Wanna get your cutsie GumDrop Outfit? Look below!

Outfit + Strawberry are all Gacha Items from Sweet<3 Designs @ The Bricklane Gacha! 😮 Head on over and get a chance to get your self an outfit that is sure to give ya a toothache from how sweet and adorbs it it >.<  75L Per play!

  • S<3 GumDrop Dress RARE
  • S<3 GumDrop Headband +P-PR+
  • s<3 GumDrop Shoes +Pink+

5 Rares + 28 commons!!

  • 11 Gumdrop Dresses
  • 6 GumDrop Headbands
  • 5 Pairs of Shoes

Baby Toddleedoo Only


Strawberry Plushie: Sized to Fit Toddleedoo Mod+Trans

2 Rares 7 Common ( Rares are watermelons, commons are strawberry, pineapple, grapes,  lime, lemon, and orange!)

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