My Teddy


This here is Hammy. He is my companion and secret holder. I can tell him about my day and he will listen carefully to each and every word. He won’t let me down and he can keep secrets. He is also a great fashion advice giver. See my outfit? He picked it out. He did an awesome job too!

Wanna get your own Hammy and outfit? Look down there!

Pose: p.o.s.e (MP): my Teddy (Bear and poseball included, copy + mod)

Outfit: [Vk!] Dida Romper-Blue (Includes: Romper, Sandals, and Headband Crown. More colors in-store!)

Bracelet: REIGN.– Boho Bracelet (Teal) # 18

Necklace: REIGN.– Hipster Necklaces- 7

Earrings: .click. Stick-On Earrings #20


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sakura Hair (1 Side)


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