I was a Thug to start with and then my best friends called me up and were like, “Candy come over we are having a slumber party!” I was like ok cool! So I went over and guess what…. they gave me a make over and made me brush a dolls hair. -.- I was like really? I thought we were gonna watch scary movies and play COD. But nooooo…. let’s be girly and get our hair done. *facepalm*

Check out my Friend blogs here: Cece’s + Deliah’s + Fifi’s!!! (They will have it up soon if its not up:P) You will see what they did to this thug baby! D:

Outfit: ~LaZo– Long T + Lace Socks (Come with color change HUD)

Hair: Lamb. Wolf – Dark Blonde Pack

Bag: =Zenith=Leather Bone Handbag (Bone)

Choker: XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black] (wear)

Long Necklace: REIGN.– Poison Necklace- #19

Glasses:T.C. – Kawaii Glasses (Black)

Bracelet: Ninety– Infinitum Black bracelet Mesh


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