Come at me Bro!

comeat me_001

I went for a coffee this morning with all the older peoples and I found this dog outside. He was sitting there all sad looking and cold, so I did what I do best and brought him home to add to my pet list. Let’s see what Momma says about him. Cause I am not putting him back. Beeteedubs… Don’t ya like my outfit? Check out below where you can pick up your own!

Outfit: *LR* Fabulous ( Comes w/ Outfit HUD(Shirt, Socks, Shorts) Sneakers, and Vest)

Glasses::[P]:@ Epiphany – Goth Essentials:// Cateye Glasses Noir

Necklace::BAMSE: Loyalty Necklace – BRATS (R)

Earrings: .click. Stick-On Earrings #29

Bracelet:REIGN.@ Epiphany – Boho Bracelet (Pink) # 19

Shoes: FLite. A-Solo Snow Boots Gray

Hair:.Olive. @ Epiphany the Marmie Hair – Greyscale

Coffee:{ud} & Little Moments .Summer Drink. TD [strawberry]

Dog:JIAN :: Silly Shibes @ Epiphany – Companion Sesame Fade

Moles: [Lady Fakessi] Face Moles Beauty Marks 001

Eyes:.ARISE. Moon Eyes / Earth

Eyelashes: (Chemistry) Long eyelashes FREE

Skin+Lips: VCO ~ Hanny Set

Shape: Custom made by someone Special  ♥


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