☀Fun in the Sun!☀

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage2

OMG OMG OMG OMG A SHARK A SHARK!! RUN RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFEEEE!! Wait…. Wait just a second that is NOT a real shark! Daisy OHH GURL YOU GONNA GET IT!! WHAT A LIAR AND HERE I AM FREAKING! Guh! Either ways Daisy is my other half. Literally. She makes me me and I am happy to be around her splashing around and having fun. Good think she put sunblock on me. Oh and shes super jelly I have cute earrings and sandals. She tried fitting into them but she is way big. Ha! Aren’t we adorbsss??? We found crates and took some pics to send to my Momma so she can see how cute we are. Ehe. Find out to get everything shown in the pictures below!

Poses w/ shark are from: {SO} Poses – 123 Shark(123 Shark – 99 L during event *125L when over)+{SO}  Poses – Riding Shark(Riding Shark – 70 L during event *99L when over)+{SO}  Poses – Burried(Burried – 99 L during event *125L when over). All can be found at Color Me Cute Event from 15th April to 1st May.

Poses w/ crates are from: p.o.s.e. (MarketPlace)  @ ATLT Event my dad-1 crates + 2 crates


Outfit: {T.T} @ Color Me Cute Event – Lace Beige (Colors available: Floral Pink, Dark Blue, Blue Stripes, Lace Beige)

Sandals: Viv.a Kids @ The Showroom– Spring Flip Flops Gacha(12 total no rares!)

Jewelry: ToddleTeeZ By Connor @Color Me Cute Event : Shell Jewelry-There are 10 total pieces. 8 commons and 2 rares.

The commons are 4 shell necklaces and 4 shell Earrings in soft pastel colors. Blue, Pink, Mint and Lilac. The rares are 1 shell necklace and 1 shell earrings in silver. All the Shell jewelry have an Axis Re-sizer scrip for easy fitting. The Gacha is trans, but no copy and no mod.



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