Lalala lalalala lalalaladaridaaaaa!! I love flowers don’t yous? I love sniffing thems and picking thems! But these are bluebonnets so you can’t pick those, it’s against the law! So instead ill just stare and admire them ❤ Like my flower picking outfit? I knew ya would! Anddd I finally let my hair grow out :D! *flips her hair back and forth*

Hair:Love – Hurricane@Hairology – Ombres #1 Naturals [Boxed]

Outfit: Sweet<3 Little Floral Dress Orange- Comes with Dress and Sneakers(More colors in-store)

Headband from ToddleTeeZ Maybellene Outfit Baby outfit

Moles: [Lady Fakessi] Face Moles Beauty Marks 001

Eyes:.ARISE. Moon Eyes / Earth

Eyelashes: (Chemistry) Long eyelashes FREE

Skin+Lips: VCO ~ Hanny Set

Shape: Custom made by someone Special  ♥



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