Rub some dirt on it!



*Wipes the dirt off her face* Ouch!!! That burns. Some kid thought he could take my cupcake. Think again kid!! I don’t let others steal things from me… especially cupcakes!! I got on him and pulled on his hair and I hit the ground first. While I was reaching to go at him again my Momma got me and pulled me off…. *sigh* He is safe this time! But now I’m covered in cuts. Blah… Stupid kid. You should see his face!! I don’t cut my nails btw 😛

Outfit: [F] Rolled up Sleeve W/shorts  (Colors available: Black, Blue, Light, and Normal!)

Backpack: [F] [White-Black] Studded Back Pack R Arm [Kids]

Earrings: :BoWillow: Misunderstood TODDLEEDOO Bone horn

Glasses:T.C. – Kawaii Glasses (Black)

Ring: REIGN.– Darling Ring- Heart (Black)

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

Beanie: (TSAD) Mesh Micky – Minnie Beanies.

Puggly: .Birdy. Puggly {Racoon}

Shoes: FLite. -Feezys Fatpack -RARE

Scrapes:[Little Nerds] Little Booboo’s – Face & Legs – TD

Moles: [Lady Fakessi] Face Moles Beauty Marks 001

Eyes:.ARISE. Moon Eyes / Earth

Eyelashes: (Chemistry) Long eyelashes FREE

Skin+Lips: VCO ~ Hanny Set

Shape: Custom made by someone Special  ♥



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