We gardeners know all the dirt!


PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Phew! We done! We have been gardening all day! We thought the seed bunch would never finish. But it did. Yay! We get to rest now after we jump into the pool to wash off some of the sweat and dirt. Over all I think we did a pretty good job! Even put up these decorations for Momma. I hope she likes all the hard work BP and I put into marking our own little garden. Soon, with the right amount of sunlight, it will be even prettier!!!

Wanna plant your own garden? Check out the links below!

All poses are from Tiny Gems

Pose one on Candy: {tg.} – Spring Smiles. 🙂 (Includes watering can and pose)

Pose of BP and Candy can be found at The Playroom {tg.}– I (mostly) love my sister! Gacha!

:BoWillow: -GACHA! @ The Brick Lane Gacha

My little garden- Wildflowers winnable items:

  • Green houses which are animated for 1 adult and 2 kids
  • Wildflower garden which sits 3 kids
  • Planter boxes with dirt in them (animated)
  • stepping stones (animated)
  • Table which is color change 
  • Garden tools, rezzable and wearable 
  • Plant pots

Sunflower decoration: Little Llama -The Challenge March (3 colors: Gold, Grey, and Rust!)

Outfit: [Vk!] Keke set-03 (Other colors in-store!) Includes:

  • Top
  • Shorts
  • Flipflops

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Poppy Mesh Hair – Browns Pack



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