I’m the Hero!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

“BAM BAM BAM! YOU BAD GUY DEAD! BAM BAM BAM ANOTHER ONE BYE BYE!!” Everyone who is bad will get taken care of by me. *Blows toy gun* “Aha! I gotchu!!! You can’t hide from me!!!!” I went to the park today and was taking care of business. Momma told me to pack some juice cause she says hydration is an important part of growing up. PFT DOESN’T SHE SEE MAH SHIRT?! I’m a Hero!!!! I don’t need no hydration. But this juice… it’s good soooo. Sippy sippy! Ahhh!

Get the look down under!


Shirt+ Shorts: {FADK] Lyric Hero 

Boots: Viv.a! Kids -Leather boots- Black

Cape:* {.:Little Stars.:} * Super Baby Girl TD Onesie {BABY} Outfit

Toy Gun: [LU] Sushi Zapper

Juice: [BOX] @ The Playroom– Insect Juice Lemon Lime

Caterpillar: Sammerangs (Collab of Sammich Fixins + Boomerang) @ The Playroom – Caterpillar Ride On –  Teal

Facepaint: Bird Next Door Shop: Face tattoo Lashes & War Stripes

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Megumi Mesh Hair – Browns Pack


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