One Day

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I was gonna read these books… but they are way advanced D:< And I couldn’t understand squat. So instead I stood up on them and used them to grow a few inches. Maybe I can be super mega tall one day 😮 Once I’m mega ultra tall I can reach the tables and steal the snacks. I seen lots of people do it. They reach out and grab it without having to ask someone for help!! My goodness. I wanna do that. One day!

Hair: Love Hair @ Sanarae-Love Myself Hair Gacha( There are 65 commons to collect!! Only 50L per play unrigged and resize scripted :D)

Necklace+ Nails: Tiny Trinkets @ Hello Beautiful(Opens April 1st)-Rosalyn Necklace and Nails! Colors are: Blue, Pink, Red, and Yellow

Top:   LaZo (Marketplace):  Gypsy Top – Kid + Baby Sizes with color change HUD

Skirt:   LaZo (Marketplace):  LilLady — Kid + Baby Sizes with color change HUD

Shoes:  LaZo (Marketplace)@ ATLT: Bow La beaute – FATPACK(Includes Color change HUD!)

Eyes:.ARISE. Moon Eyes / Earth

Eyelashes: (Chemistry) Long eyelashes FREE

Skin+Lips: VCO ~ Hanny Set

Shape: Custom made by someone Special  ♥




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