☂☁☂A little rain never hurt!☂☁☂


It doesn’t matter if it pours outside! It started off sunny but those clouds knew they were gonna come down hard! So worth it. A little rain never hurt anyone! Plus now I get to splash in the puddles and leave my foot prints on the carpet 😛 Come on you know you wanna do that too!!


All outfit from Tiny Trinkets @ Everything Kids Gacha Event 

(March 24th  and will close down on the April 17th)-Theme Rainy Day

Gacha items listed below! :D<3

In The Rain Gacha contains 9 commons and 1 rare -total 10 different items to win from the machine.

  • RARE: Umbrella boat – Auto driven so you can take your picture,type or freely do what you want having it takes you where you want it to go (info how to drive it its at the item’s pack when you win it) – 2 animations – Modify to make it big or small on your own – sound – gives you the oars when you touch it as many times you touch it (copy only – resize menu ) – SPEED control
  • TD rainy shirt – common (baby&kid)
  • TD Nail art HUD -common
  • TD shinny leggings HUD -common
  • Necklace with resizer -common
  • Earrings with resizer -common
  • Rainy Ducky purse/toy with custom holdable AO pose & resizer -common
  • Wearable Rainy cloud with soft rain sound -common
  • Ducky TD Rain boots (baby&kid) with resizer -common
  • Hat with resizer -common



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