hike_001PicMonkey Collage

Daisy said it was time to go for a walk and get some air! So we did and guess what we found?! SHEEP!!! AHH!! SO EXCITED I LOVE SHEEP! AND COWS! Well this one was lying this sheep wasn’t even a sheep but a chair! Ahaha! It was so cute my gawd. ❤ I had fun today hiking with her. She is a good baby sitter. She lets me roam off with my binoculars and find things. I found a quarter too!!! :D!


Little Sheep Chair: Little Llama @ SanaRae March (Opens 25th) 5 sit poses, 1 LI- Grey, Black, and White color options!

**Candy Outfit:LaZo @ Tous Les Enfants (opens 25th)-Pastel set( Includes color change HUD for shirt and leggings! 6 Colors each!)**

**Daisy Outfit: Vicarious Youth @Tous Les Enfants (opens 25th)**

Sneakers: FLite. -Feezys Fatpack -RARE

Hat: The Crazy G.I- Pith Helmet

Binoculars: Meshwork Wearable Binoculars

Glasses: [ glow ] studio Birdy Glasses (black)




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