✿Picnic with Mommy✿


Hot-dogs, cookies, cakes, iced tea, candy, and some veggy crisps are what are in the basket. Momma said it was time to head out and get some fresh air. That I have been inside for too long >> Well I dun think so! It’s all well though. I brought my duck to the picnic with us. I am her special little peanut.


Mommy and Me first pose: .snaphappy.  @ Fairytale Forever Event: Walking With Momma 

Dress: {WF} @ Fairytale Forever Olivia Dress: Moonbeam (6 colors available. Kid and Baby sizes too!)

Headband: {WF} @ Fairytale Forever  Flower Headband Gift

Necklace: ToddleTeeZ By: Z – Fancy – Necklace {Baby}

Sandals: [LU] @ The Playroom: Bebe Flops – Grape

Hair: [e] Leighann – Essentials

Eyes: [ S H O C K ] Eyes On Me (black) Gacha

Eyelashes: (Chemistry) Long eyelashes FREE

Skin+Lips: VCO ~ Hanny Set

Shape: Custom made by someone Special  ♥


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