☁ ✦✧Sunshine✧✦☁

try 2

☀Sometimes…. all you can do is create your own sunshine☀

Keep in mind, that wherever you may go and no matter what weather is; Keep your own sunshine to push away those cloudy days.

I like to bring my sunshine in my purse with candies. Those are my sunshine. Just get a hand full of gummies and you are set for a good sweet sugary day 😛

Sweater: {Petite Bowtique} My Name Unicorn RARE

Rings: :*BABY*@Hello Beautiful :Sweet Ring Set – TODDLEEDOO – Black

Leggings:~LaZo (Marketplace) – Shiny Leggings – FATPACK

Earrings: {T.T} @Hello Beautiful :Reika earrings

Necklace: {T.T} @Everything Kids Gacha: Lil Lovebug ILY necklace

Boots: {LPP} Boho Fringe Boots – Grayscale

Bag: ::C’est la vie !:: Heart Bag -Group gift

Binky: ~*Buglets*~ TD Lil Donut Princess Binky

Cloud: WR : Cotton Candy Clouds : Purple Sprinkle/Jellybean RARE (Might not be available)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fynn –  light browns

Skin + Head: Little Peanut– Poyo Baby Mesh Head

Shape: Custom made 😀

Body: Cute bytes– BabyGirl


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