One…..Two…. One….Two…

Ohhh we so shiny. Mommy and I like to get our work out while we are playing at Lunas.

Got our matching outfities on and everything.

They got everything for me to get my excess energies out. Mommy even got a little work out while I was playing on the rocket ship. *Sings: “We’re going on a trip. In our favorite rocket ship. Zooming through the skies!!”*


My outfit:

Outfit: HauTe Tots* no sweat Gifty (Group Gift: Includes Top, Pants, and Shoes)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Halston –  light browns

Water Bottle: AMITOMO.Summer Tumbler #Nya-Nya-Nya-(Can be found in Gachas or Marketplace)

Skin + Head: Little Peanut– Poyo Baby Mesh Head

Shape: Custom made 😀

Body: Cute bytes– BabyGirl


Mommys Outfit:

Top: Vinyl– Jessie Sports Shirt Pack 2 Pink

Pants: Blueberry– Sylvia Yoga Pants White

Shoes: ReignXFlite– Taylers Pink/Cheetah

Sports Bag: Zenith– Sports Bags (Rose)

Water bottle: Amitomo– Summer Tumbler #twilight

Skin: Deetalez– Skin Anouk Mixedtype

Body: Maitreya– Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Hair: Truth– Olympia w/ Visor Light Browns





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