•ิ.•Dream of love




Day is over, night has come.

Day is gone, what’s done is done.

Embrace your dream, through the night.

Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.




Outfit: Tiny Trinkets@Everything Kids Gacha (Opening on the 24th)Look for-Lovebug Gacha.

There are 7 commons and 1 rare which are:




Heart Bracelet

‘Ilove you’Necklace 

Holdable flower with static pose

RARE!!Raining Hearts cloud,wearable with sit animation

Hair for top pic: Hair: Magika -Shade

Hair for bottom pic: Hair: /Wasabi Pills/– Megumi Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

Skin + Head: Little Peanut– Poyo Baby Mesh Head

Shape: Custom made 😀

Body: Cute bytes– BabyGirl

“Believe in the beauty of your dreams”-Unkown




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