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BeFunky Collage

Once upon a time, there was three bears who lived in a cottage in the forest. The 3 baby bears where having their midday snack, ice cream. They decided to go for a walk to let the ice cream cool down since it was frozen solid. While they were out, a little girl named Natalie came through the trees and found their house. She knocked the door and there was no answer, so she opened it and went inside.

Natalie was hungry and the ice cream looked so yummy! So she sat in the kitchen and picked up a big spoon and began eating the ice cream. Just as she finished the ice cream the three baby bears returned home. Going in through the side door, they found the  girl in their cottage eating their ice cream!!!

They gathered up their courage and roared really really loud in a growling voice, “GO AWAYYYY ROAR!!!!” And they chased her out!



Suit-Plum&Acorn-(available in both stores)-BearSuit.Available in lots of colors with slippers included

Hair: [e] Cassidy – Essentials

Bow: –SU!– Pastel Hairbow Mint

Skin: VCO – Angie Skin Gacha {005}- Also can be found on the Market place or gachas ^.^

Shape: Custom made  ♥

Body: Cute bytes– BabyGirl

Candy: {BunBun} Trunk or Treat Gift (might not be available in-store)

Clicky HERE to see Cece’s blog!!

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