Lights out!㋡

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Holy mac and cheese!! The lights went out!!! GAHH!!! AND WE WERE JUST STARTING TO HAVE FUN AT OUR PLAY-DATE MOMMY SET UP!!! NOOO!!!! Well I’m glad to have my little Block Lamps. They saved me from bumping into stuff. But it couldn’t stop me from stealing BP’s candy. I’m super glad he loves me and likes to share. If not I would have to steal them from him and he wouldn’t like that. Nuh uh, no way. If the lights don’t come back on, it’ll be oki. I have him to protect me in the darks =3

Pose: P.O.S.E Sweet fun (Comes with lots of candy to share!! We all love candy!!!)

Block Lamps: Orange, green, blue, pink, purple, red, and yellow. All from Little Llama @ 20Twenty January (COMING SOON ON THE 20TH!:D)

What I am wearing:
Outfit: [TTT] – Gamer Girl

Backpack: [TTT] – Yellow Dino Pack

Hair: Magika -Shade

Glasses: 2PM. Bon bon glasses *gift*

Shoes: Gimmick* – TPR Anniversary

Skin + Head: Little Peanut– Poyo Baby Mesh Head

Shape: Custom made 😀

Body: Cute bytes– BabyGirl

What BP is wearing:
Outfit: [TTT] – Gamer Boy

Backpack: [TTT] – Orange Dino Pack

Hair: MINA Hair – Andre

Freckles+Brows: MeshMerized Brows 1+Freckles 4

Skin +shape:  Mack Shape Boy TD by MeshMerized

Body:: Cute bytes-Toddledoo Baby Boy

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