☼Guten Morgen!☼


Whelp, I am starving. I am glad Adam is around to get me some foods. Wonder if he is gonna feed me today. I had a good nights rest but its almost time for lunch. Maybe he will give me pizza!!! 😮

P.O.S.E–  Good Morning

What I haz on:

HauTe Tots* Josie – Vanilla (Shirt, bottoms, shoes)

T.C. – Vintage Kawaii Glasses (Navy & Gold)

TRUTH HAIR Fynn –  light browns

Skin + Head: Little Peanut– Poyo Baby Mesh Head

Shape: Custom made 😀

Body: Cute bytes– BabyGirl

What adult Adam is wearings:

Tyler’s Hawt Skin

Tyler’s Hipster-ish Hair

Tyler’s Hawt Shape

Outfit: FashionNatic Boris



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