◦.·• MANI PEDI •·.◦



We getting our faces squeaky clean and our toesies nice and painted!! Gotta look good for our teddies, they gotta look good too!! *Noms the cumber* Mpmmmhmmpp All the time!

Outfit-ToddleTeeZ@La Boutique-Spa Day outfit-Each outfit has the little cucumbers, robe, slippers, head towel, and 3 face masks [Chocolate, green tea, and yogurt! Also with appliars for CB heads]

Hair-.Blue Olive. the Pumpkin Bangs #6 -Can also be found on Market place or at gachas 😀

Skin: VCO – Angie Skin Gacha {005}- Also can be found on the Market place or gachas ^.^

Eyes: {ud} Compass Eyes [treasure] RARE L (med)

Shape: Custom made  ♥

Check out my Bestie Ceces Blog Here!!




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